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Noir5 Luxury Handmade Soaps

Moonbeams Body Butter

Moonbeams Body Butter

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Relax and enjoy! Notes of berries, black currant, citruses, and red fruits blended with sweet pea, freesia, jasmine, and rose.

Moonbeams body butter is a one-scoop solution to repair dry, cracked skin for maximum softness. Ideal for all ages and skin types.
 With naturally moisturizing ingredients and 60% less water than other body butters, this deeply hydrating, thick balm can nourish even the roughest, driest skin. Moonbeams has a uniquely dense, rich texture for maximum moisture and less filler. Its rich, gentle formula repairs your natural moisture barrier, which means fewer uninvited guests, like pollutants and environmental stressors sneaking in. Scoop a dollop out and massage between your palms. The warmth of your hands melts it into a softer, buttery texture you can spread all over. Can be used daily or as needed.

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